Saturday, May 18, 2024
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After the FIA banned the use of ‘mass damper’ systems for the Hockenheim GP, Renault have been given a reprieve until the official hearing by the appeal court.

Even though Renault have been using this particular ‘mass damper’ system since August last year, it was suddenly decided by Charlie Whiting that they were against regulation, even though the race stewards thought otherwise.

In order to prevent possible penalties, Renault had the system removed before racing in Hockenheim last weekend. After the race, they announced that although removal of the system had no direct affect on pace, it did affect the tyres, causing major blistering, resulting in Alonso and Fisichella finishing 5th and 6th respectively and dropping the Drivers Championship points gap to only 11. The Constructors Championship points gap is only sitting at 10.

Renault are keen to reintroduce the system, in an effort to prevent Ferrari from taking any more points away from their lead but their continued use of the dampers is not entirely risk-free however as Whiting said that he could only ‘recommend‘ to the court, which is an independent body, against taking any action.