Tuesday, December 15, 2020
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Inc. of Ottumwa, Iowa, has made car crushers for four decades. The company’s Impact V car crusher employs a four-guidepost system that applies force evenly across a vehicle that is to be crushed.

Most car crushers have one guidepost right in the middle,” explains Curt Spry, sales manager. “We have one on each corner. That distributes the crush so you get the flattest, tightest car you’ll find in the industry.” The Impact V sells for $137,000(R870,000)and comes in a single configuration, with the only option being either a John Deere or Cummins diesel engine.

Crushers should enjoy robust sales as long as scrap prices remain high, manufacturers say. An unexpected development is tied to Hurricane Katrina.

We are currently selling a lot of these machines to help in the cleanup of the hurricane,” says Spry. “There are supposed to be a half a million cars to be recycled down there, so they are going to need a lot of car crushers.