Monday, May 20, 2024
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After banning the ‘Mass Damper’ system pioneered by Renault last season, the FIA appeared yesterday in the Appeal Court to justify their decision, even though the race stewards at the Hockenheim race deemed the system ‘legal’.

Although there are a number of teams effected by this decision, it is rumoured that this device will be integral in Renault’s pursuit of the 2006 Championship titles.
The French team will attend the hearing as an ‘interested party’ and have expressed that they will abide by whatever decision the Appeal Court reaches.

Pat Symonds, the engineering director for Renault has stated that he believes the court will rule in his favour:

If the FIA wins the appeal – and I really do not believe the FIA can win the appeal on the grounds they have said – but if they do then we really have to start to relook at the definition of what a racing car is – its suspension, everything.

If the FIA choose to interpret in the particular manner they are doing now, then there are many, many other parts on the car open to interpretation.

It’s quite obvious that they (the FIA) never understood the system. Because you can’t change your mind about something factual. If someone’s shirt is blue, it’s blue. You can’t have that as an opinion.