Tuesday, December 15, 2020
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Veedubz and Opels have always been the popular car of choice amongst local modifiers. They are relatively inexpensive and aftermarket parts are available freely, In fact theres to many to choose from. The end result is your cabbie looking like every second Joe on the street. Every now and then you see a car unique styled and in this case, Michael, the owner of a grenada red 1400 corsa, did just that. I first spotted the car at a team Zoopedup.com meeting end last year.

Micheal had just completed the exterior mods to his car and gained quite a lot of attention. So why is the car so unique? Lets get stuck in – for starters the Corsa is fitted with a once off “Car Zone specials” bodykit. The kit is the only one in South Africa and is so tightly fitted on the car it almost looks standard. The kits flows seemlessly from front to back with mesh vents in the front, side and rear. The radical bodykit together with the grey racing stripes over the car adds a touch of attitude to the cars styling! Now as with any car modifier the factory head lights just didnt cut it so Michael yanked it out and replaced them with the angel eye headlights with little “eye brow” spoilers you see now. The car is brought down to mother earth with a 40mm drop all round. The styling is finished off with a light shade of window tint all round and a Zoopedup sticker on the windscreen. The last of the exterior mods is the 15’ Lenso AGS wheels sprayed a custom black. The wheels are smaller than usual giving the car that euro styling look.

Swing open the door and you will find a Sony headunit nestled in the dash, the deck also houses a 7’ LCD screen which folds out for your movie viewing pleasure. Connected to the headunit is a Sony split system projecting the mid range sounds. The sound system is headed up with two 10’ 900 Watt Lighting audio subwoofers brought to life by a Starsound 1200Watt monoblock.

The engine is prety stock for now sporting only a chrome strut brace keeping the car balanced. Michael says he hopes to drop a 2L 16v powerplant into the engine bay before year end! Amen!