Friday, June 5, 2020
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ford rs

Although there have been spy photos of the proposed new Focus RS Mk II earlier in the year, it has now been reported that Ford has planned to ditch the production of it.

According to reports, the Mk II which was planned for late 2008 was ditched because of concerns over CO2 emissions. On the other hand a spokesman has reported it was canned because any car that is brought to market has to be profitable and there was not enough demand across the globe besides the home of the RS which is Britain where the Focus RS Mk I was well received

The Focus RS Mk II was rumoured to have at least 300bhp (225kW) and four wheel drive. This would have at least made it a serious competitor for the Subarus and Mitsubishi Lancer Evos.


Schumacher is helping Ferrari to develop their road cars. Or at least he was on the day he was caught on the track.

Spies took these pictures of a red Ferrari 599 GTB lapping the Nordschleife. They report realising the identity of the driver only on closer inspection. The cover up tape on the hood of the Ferrari clearly indicates this is a testing model which Schumi through around the track. If his past job was not ideal enough he now has the dream job of testing supercars on wide open empty tracks!


They came, they saw, they conquered. The McLarens, that is. Fernando Alonso only lost the lead to team mate Lewis Hamilton during the pit stops, and then not for long.

The rookie, meanwhile, fended off Felipe Massa at the start and successfully rode shotgun, never quite able to launch a challenge, all the way to the flag. The silver cars arrived there four seconds apart after their 78-lap demonstration run, and it was another 65 seconds before Massa’s Ferrari crossed the line.

tt audi concept

Every Audi TT is noted for its clear lines, unmistakable dynamism and the driving characteristics of a sports car. Audi now presents the TT in its most purist form: the clubsport quattro study.

The Audi TT clubsport quattro study reduces the TT Roadster to a pure driving machine. A powerful engine, state-of-the-art technology and numerous traits borrowed from the world of motorsport are the dominant features of the TT clubsport quattro.

The goal that the development engineers set themselves for this vehicle study was to achive purism at a premium level. No hood, no A-post instead, a wraparound windscreen kept extremely low which deliberately evokes images of a speedster. The flat, slightly tinted window strip surrounds the cockpit. The panoramic windscreen and the two humps located behind the interior in place of the hood compartment are reminiscent of a racing car. The rollover bars familiar from the TT Roadster are kept flatter and are the same height as the sports bucket seats.


The Mercedes SL Class continues its success story in a revised edition. As a matter of course, the engineers and designers at KICHERER have pulled out all the stops in order to enhance the Roadster’s exclusiveness and sportiness.

Thanks to the KICHERER K60 Biturbo 12-cylinder engine fitted with 605hp/445kW, the SL 600 becomes one of the most powerful Roadsters around the globe. 0 to 100 km/h in 4.3 seconds and 200 km/h after 14.2 seconds are values speaking for themselves, just like the electronically limited peak speed of 300 km/h.

lambo alar

Lamborghini fans could face some indecision over whether or not the company’s latest offering honors their tradition of good-looking cars. The Italian sports car maker is famous for producing vehicles that define beauty and pace. While the latter quality is sure to be found in the company’s latest offering, the Alar, the initial reaction to press pictures of the car has been heavily divided between guarded praise and outright criticism.

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At the Tokyo Motor Show a few years back, Nissan unveiled the GT-R Concept for the first time confirming that the GT-R legend would be continued into the 21st century. Later at another show, Nissan announced the next-generation GT-R would be rolled out in 2007, hence the first visible test vehicles have being spotted at the “ring” and in Arizona at the end of April 2007. This sent nearly every motor magazine, car website and blog into frenzy as they all posted spy shots of this icon being resurrected in this new shape and form.

The Suzuki Hayabusa is one of the fastest things I have ever seen in motion. Now these guys have taken a Mk1 VW Golf, converted it to rear-wheel-drive, and dropped a turbocharged, 350-horsepower Hayabusa mill under the hood. Take a look.. nothing short of amazing