Tuesday, December 15, 2020
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Wesbank hosted the Ultimate Street car event this past weekend attracking some of SA’s fastest cars. As I strolled into the pit lanes I was put in awe with the selection of quality super cars. A Subaru came past, then a Porsche, a Noble, an Aerial Atom and then an Ultima, and that’s just to name a few of the amazing cars that came past me. Eighty odd cars later I dragged my bottom jaw off the ground and wiped the huge grin off my face and got down to business.

I got there at the start of the Top End runs and was in the perfect position to get the results and get some cool pictures. After snapping away I met up with Stevin and moved to the second hair pin on the circuit.

The only problem with Wesbank is it gigantic size, because as soon as the track session was done, we then had to move to the large oval, which is basically on the other side of this huge racing complex and proved to be a nice little journey for Stevin and myself. This allowed us to get a much needed refreshment and also took us to the highlight of the weekend. The Top Secret R34 Skyline GT-R, and yes, it is a legitimate ‘Top Secret’ product straight from the Shop in Japan. Rumor has it that it pushes out 1000HP which will mean that we are know entering international levels in terms of powerful cars. I must say, the few runs it had to show it off were way below what I had anticipated it to do, but you can see that it is hugely powerful and will be nice to see it run and compete with other cars at Phakisa in three weeks time.

In time this will become a great weekend event which draws huge crowds wanting to see the best South Africa have to offer. I cannot wait until the next event where we willl be put in awe again as the weekend past.