Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Maybach 62 Landaulet co-designed by AMG

If you thought that the rich can’t feel the wind blowing through their hair because they always use those luxurious limousines with a “hole” on the roof, you may want to take that back when Maybach 62 Landaule becomes the real thing. It’s still in concept stage but promises to become one of the first ultra-luxurious semi-convertible limos.

If the Sheiks won’t be impressed by the 6.0L uprated V12 engine (better than the one on Maybach 62 S) with 612 horsepower, twin superchargers and water intercooling, I guess only the fancy sliding roof over the rear compartment may do it.

If this baby goes into production it will be the most powerful limo on the market. Wish we knew a price for it to see if it’s going to be the most expensive, too. Meanwhile here is a video, but beware! Don’t fall in love!