Tuesday, December 15, 2020
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For the last two days I’ve heard a lot of things about the new Volvo XC90. AutoMotorSport in Sweden announced yesterday that the second generation XC90 is no longer under development though Volvo plans to launch it before the end of 2009. I knew there’s something fishy so I waited to see what are the responses to such news, and they it didn’t took long to have them.

Apparently Volvo replied to AMS Sweden, that the next generation XC90 has not been canceled and that they are working on a facelift right now. However they didn’t include any dates in their response so we’ll just have to assume that it will use a Ford platform and unless they will bring lower fuel consumption and a hybrid version (they didn’t mention all these) they’d better not launch anything.

I will keep you updated but until then here is how the next gen Volvo XC90 would look like.