Monday, May 20, 2024
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If you’re a Volkswagen fan, be it the new Passat or a Golf 6 I am sure you would like to hear about the new Jetta TSI Sport version that was just presented in Birmingham, UK at the Autosport Show. This is a supercharged 1.4 liter 16-valves engine that now delivers 230 hp (from 170) no turbo lag and high maximum torque.

I am not sure if the picture and what I’ve said above is enough but here are more info on the new Jetta TSI Sport. It has a six-speed sport gearbox with limited slip differential, a racing exhaust system, Recaro HANS racing seats, 225/40 ZR18 Hankook tyres, weighs 1223 kg and uses Castrol lubricants.
Volkswagen partnered with Superchips, Milltek Sport and Turbo Dynamics to create the new Jetta TSI Sport. I think they did a great job.