Thursday, June 4, 2020
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Do you remember the nice Renault Coupe that was full of tape and textiles to cover it from our eyes? What would you say if I tell you I have the newest Renault Laguna Sedan spy pics? It’s looking great, but my honest opinion is that those tail lights are a bit odd. Don’t you think? Another thing I enjoy very much is the large panoramic back window and the “spoiler” in the back.

We’ll see the 2009 Renault Laguna Sedan in September during the Paris Motor Show and the good news is that most of the engines we know will be used: 1.6l and 2.0l petrol engines, a turbocharged 2.0l with 110 hp (really?), 140hp or 170hp while the diesel engines include a 1.5l going up to 110hp and some 2.0l getting from 130hp to 175hp.

Do you guys like it?