Monday, May 20, 2024
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Since it wasn’t featured on Car Blog until now, you may not know what a Logan is but rest assured I’m here to tell you. It’s Dacia’s best selling model. Oh you don’t know what Dacia is, either? It’s a Romanian car manufacturer, currently a subsidiary of Renault Group. Though the current Dacia Logan was criticised for its ugliness and gawkiness, it was a massive hit if we were to look at sales figures.

New Dacia Logan

But we live in a world where the great car price is not enough and customers need beauty curves, too. It looks like Dacia understood and decided to work on the next Dacia Logan. They are even focused on a hatchback (Dacia Sandero) version that was spotted in Romania a few days ago.

My opinion is the sales will increase for Renault/Dacia when the new model comes to the market this year. What do you think about the new Logan?