Friday, June 5, 2020
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Custom-Built Gone in 60 Seconds Eleanor (Shelby GT500E)

If you want to know what movie I’ve seen more than 5 times in my life than that’s “Gone in 60 seconds” (IMDB) with Nicolas Cage. Not sure if it was because of the plot, because of the actors or because of the car and what it did, but I even downloaded the soundtrack and I listen while I drive. Anywayt it’s not about movies here but more about the cars.

A custom built Gone in 60 seconds Eleanor, the Shelby GT 500E just got the official license. Classic Recreations will build it and if you want one (I know I do, but I can’t afford it) then make sure you save out of your salary $139,900 for the 535-hp FI model and $189,900 for the 770 hp FIS model.