Friday, June 5, 2020
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Dacia Logan Pick-up

Last week I told you that Dacia could be working on the new Logan version and probably a hatchback, too. Today I’ve just heard that they are releasing the Logan Pick-up, which is supposed to be on sale from March. Some of the analysts are also speculating on the fact that it may be present in Geneva, at the International Auto Show.

The biggest trumps of the new Logan Pick-up are the prices and the huge space it offers. 1.74, wide, 1.55m tall and 4.5m long it has a luggage compartment of 300 liters (yes that’s big) and can carry 1.80m long objects.

It’s going to be available with a 1.6-l petrol engine (4 cyl) that develops 90hp at 5,500 rpm and two diesel 1.5-l versions with 70 hp and 85 hp, each running on a 5-speed manual transmission. The new Logan Pick-up is supposed to be sold in all countries where the Logan sedan is available.