Saturday, May 18, 2024
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abt golf r32 Reworked Golf R32, by Abt

With all the fuss about the new Golf 6, here on Carblog, how about a little break. What would you say about a reworked Golf R32 by German tuner Abt Sportsline? “Whoever wants such a Golf wants an extremely fast compact car,” says Hans-Juergen Abt and he’s probably right.

The V6 engine got a few mods via a modified motor management system and the introduction of an Abt compressor kit with supercharger and air cooling system that will output 370hp (from 250hp). With the new features, Abt’s Golf R32 tops over 270 kph, going o to 100 kph in only 5.0 seconds (down from 6.2 seconds). What I can say about the exterior: those are beautiful 19-inch wheels they’ve put on it.

That’s a fast car, too bad we don’t know the price yet.