Saturday, May 18, 2024
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We have seen that some production-ready prototypes of the Mini Cabrio released last year in July and some faintly camouflaged models showed early in 2006, however BMW has postponed the launch of the supreme second generation Mini series because of the continued sky-scraping sales of the older models.

Dutch magazine Autotelegraaf said that the production of the current first generation cars will end this year in July and BMW will leave a nice space to build up anticipations as well as pre-orders for new generation MINI Cabrio. Production should start March 2009 if the rumors are true.

The new Mini Cabrio will feature the same soft-top with multi-functional features which will open the upper part in order to give that feeling of sun roof plus the usual fully-folded solution, that we’ve been used with on Mini One, Cooper and Cooper S.