Monday, May 20, 2024
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The Kia Soul concept car was launched at the Geneva Motor Show and latest reports show that a production model is in the pipeline just in time to be displayed at this year’s Paris Motor Show

Above: Kia Soul concept car

The concept came in three models namely the Soul Diva, Soul Searcher and Soul Burner. The Soul Diva is for the young at heart who is fashion conscious hence the black, white and gold leather and…wait for it….glitter interior, not to mention “pony-hide” carpets. As for the Soul Searcher, it is the more tranquil of the three aiming at an inner peace with its leather finished bonnet and a tinge of leather in every other part of the car. And oh yes, lets not forget about the “bad-boy” the Soul Burn with its dragon tattoos on the bonnet and sports seats. The production car is said to retain some of the features that made it popular at the Geneva motor show. Lets hope no “pony-hide” will be included in the production model.

According to Gregory Guillaume (Chief Designer, Europe), “the all new Kia production car will appeal especially to the young-at-heart whatever their age!” and he goes on to say that it will serve as a “creative platform” to match the driver’s personality.

The soul will go into production in Korea early September and will be on sale early next year in Britain and will feature 1.6l petrol and diesel engines with a manual transmission and optional automatic with the diesel. Pros of this vehicle is the fact it has the stance of a SUV yet within the dimensions of a super-mini.