Tuesday, December 15, 2020
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Speaking of eco-friendly cars, like the Honda Clarity. Bill Belew at TheWeeklyDriver writes  about the

Apparently there are roads where he lives in Northern CA where he can drive this sometimes gas guzzler, but to his surprise, the car/SUV doesn’t use any gas. Is it the vehicle or the roads we wonder?

The vehicle seems to be a great commuter car especially considering the dangerous roads of the Bay Area of California. The baby not only rides safely, but also enjoys the echo of her own voice inside the spacious chamber with five permanent seats, two extra and three sun/moon roofs! The vehicle goes for a cool $57,950 and boasts, cough, cough, that it can get 12mpg in the city (who wants to drive a Land Rover in the city?) and 17mpg on the highway. (And, who would want to drive a Land Rover on the highway?) Where’s the hills and dirt and snow and sand when you need them?