Monday, December 14, 2020
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Lotus has built a reputation of creating beautiful cars with fine tuned engines and low weight. It seems they want to kill us with something that’s even lighter, which should consume very low amounts of fuel – EcoElise. First place to see it is going to be the British Motor Show.

This new jewel will be 32 kg lighter, and will use Toyota’s  good old 1.8-liter engine that develops 134 bhp. Along with the weight reduction, Eco Elise will have body panels, seat and carpets made out of natural fibres. Lotus wants to show us they are overgreen, so they’ve even put a green shift light which will help drivers drive in a fuel-saving way.

The Eco Elise is not for sale but it can be if there will be a high public demand. Most people don’t care if their sports cars are eco friendly, as long as they’re loud, fast, hot and gets them women

What will happen with the Eco Elise? What do you think?