Tuesday, December 15, 2020
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Hey there petrol-fueled-heart people. Did you hear that Porsche is planning to hit us in the near future with a new Cayman and a new Boxter S? If you didn’t, here’s the news.

We all knew Porsche was up to something, but we didn’t know what exactly. Apparently the new Cayman and Boxter will get direct injection, the new seven speed PDK transmission for faster shifts than the conventional six-speed manual box and a limited slip differential. Now stop your WOWs because there’s more. Because of all these, the Cayman is getting a 25 hp boost up to 320 hp and a 273 lb-ft torque.The other models won’t get direct injection, but something else. A displacement bump from 2.7- to 2.9-liters and a corresponding jump to 265 hp. The Boxster and Boxster S each will come with 10 fewer horsies under the hood, than the Cayman.

There’s also a Sport Chrono package included, that will be available along with Launch Control.

Seems like a good change under the hood, but do you have anything for us on the outside? Guess not now!