Friday, June 5, 2020
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This goes directly to those people that feel their car’s color is boring or doesn’t suit them anymore. What to do? Well the first idea is to get yourself at a garage and ask the guys to paint it up with what you choose, but what if there is another solution? The idea is not mine, but from a guy in Munich that has a BMW 335i black coupe. What he did? He wrapped the whole car with white tape and now drives an “Alpine White” BMW.

The thing is that’s not normal tape like the one you use for electric wires. It’s a special 3M wrap and the company who did the tape-job was really good with foiling. Such a technique is very safe for your car’s color protect the paint from minor chips and nicks, and can be left adhered to the surface for 3-4 years without damage.

Too bad we don’t have a price for such an operation but still, it sounds like a great idea. Would you do it?