Tuesday, December 15, 2020
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tn speeding1 300x200 I have a problem with speed!Speeding

My name is Johan…and it seems I might have a problem with speed…or so it might appear with the 2 traffic fines on my desk! This opening sentence might well be the statement of a habitual speedster at an AA meeting. The truth is however that I am totally committed towards road safety and have always paid my traffic fines. Both these fines are for exceeding the speed limit of 60km/h – once for driving 74km/h and the other for doing 77km/h.

The first fine was picked up on the road from the Cango Caves to Oudtshoorn and I can remember spotting the traffic official neatly camouflaged next to the road whilst reducing my speed from 100km/h to 80km/h to the alleged “74km/h”.

The fine that intrigues me is the one stating that I have driven 77km/h in a 60km zone. This was for an offence near Richmond and indicates as location “ N1 Construction 11.6”. Is it possible that a traffic official decided it an opportune time to place his speed camera at the stretch of road where traffic were stopped at a road block and then allowed to proceed in a single lane? I cannot remember seeing any 60km/h sign at the stretch of road under construction and did not see any traffic official.

The fine indicates that there is a “Film Number” and a “Frame Number” but what would this help me? To acquire this photographic evidence I will incur additional costs and to go to Richmond and defend myself in the Magistrates Court is not an option. To risk ending up in jail with people who have done worse than exceed the speed limit is also not an option.

Perhaps my problem is actually not with speed – but with the lack of visible traffic enforcement. I would have been comfortable had I been pulled over and told of my offense. Now it is a month later and I cannot remember the event. I will simply have to join the line of disgruntled motorists having to fund a small local municipality!!