Friday, June 5, 2020
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Only 1 month ahead of the Paris Motor Show, we have a lot of concepts bursting like popcorn. The French from Citroen are preparing the new Hypnos Concept (is that from hypnosis, are you feeling hypnotized?), another great model when it comes to its design. Built as a crossover with BMW X6 flavor, it has the elegance of a saloon and the space of an SUV, which is great.

The new Citroen Hypnos is going to focus very much on lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions and the company managed to do so even if it uses a hybrid 200bhp(147kW) engine – 4.5 liters/100km and 120g/km of CO2. Looks great so if you’d like to know more, let’s wait till the begging of October for more info.