Tuesday, December 15, 2020
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Do you guys remember the SL63 AMG (Evo Edition) by Kicherer. Well I have good news. The guys are at it again, and this time they got their hands on a Mercedes Benz CL 65 Coupe to make it run wild and produce nothing less than 650 hp. How is that possible? Well the coupe already gets some 612 stallions from the V12 (and 1000Nm) it has under the hood, but Kicherer turned it into a little beast that sports 650 hp/ 486kW and an incredible 1200Nm.

But this time, it isn’t all about numbers. The exterior got some 20″ Kicherer RS-X lightweight wheels, carbon fiber mirror shells, rear diffuser, front grille, a mirror-finished four tailpipes exhaust system, while the interior makes it all fancy with the velvet glove treatment, the alcantara ceiling, carbon intarsia or the nappa leather seats. Beautiful, isn’t it?