Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Do you remember the new Volvo XC60 concept that we got the scoop for, last month? Well we don’t have news on that one, but what we have is that the Germans from Heico Sportiv got their hands on the current model and tuned it up. It now looks a little bit sportier, but the real thing is under the hood, where both the 163 hp 2.4D and the 185 hp D5 engines have been upgraded to sport 210 hp. There’s also a T6 engine that sports 315hp instead of 285 little horsies. On the outside we have some black plastic body-cladding disappears, a dual exhaust system, a 30mm lowered suspension and some 19-20-inch alloy wheels. Not sure about you, but that’s not the best tuning example I’ve seen.