Monday, May 20, 2024
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Operational activities at an accident scene are also described as “Incident Management” – a term used to describe the process whereby a set of coordinated activities are initiated when an incident occurs on a road network, in order to minimise the direct and secondary effects of the incident, as well as to restore traffic to normal operating conditions.

As road users we need to be aware of the importance of accident scene safety and why we need to do everything possible to allow time and space for emergency personnel. The first hour after an accident is called the Golden Hour – physicians say seriously injured car crash victims need to reach comprehensive medical care within 60 minutes to ensure a good chance of survival. At the accident scene, this scenario leaves about 12 minutes for rescuers to extricate the wounded and speed them toward the hospital.
Sensitive, competent handling of victims in the immediate aftermath of the accident can have a tremendous impact on both the victim’s subsequent psychological recovery and on law enforcement efforts to solve the case.

On the Arrive Alive road safety website we have added a section on “Accident Scene Safety”. We would like to invite all motorists to gain awareness on safe behaviour near accident scenes!