Monday, May 20, 2024
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Cars; no matter what we do, we can’t live without them. In today’s word, nobody can truly be productive without a vehicle. If you are lucky enough to be the owner of your own automobile, you must treat them like children as they eventually break down and require replacement parts. This unavoidable evil must be dealt with, regardless of when and where you purchased your vehicle. Thankfully, concept cars, like the Mazda Kiyora, don’t need this level of attention.

The Kiyora may only be a dream, but it’s the kind of dream that future automotives are made of. The joys, and pains, of concept vehicles is that they will never truly be driven; never be released to the mass market. As such, these cars don’t need to repair brake pads like normal cars. However, when something does need to be replaced, it must be custom made by the same team who build the original design. This can take a basic repair and turn it into an expensive chore.

This doesn’t mean concept cars aren’t worth looking into. Design styles from the Mazda Crossfire eventually found their way into the Mazda 5 and Mazda CX9. From brake rotors to sunroofs, all components found in modern vehicles found their births in concept cars from the past. Even the simple cushion seat was just a design on a drawing board at one point.

While the dream of owning a concept car does save the trip to the auto parts store, it doesn’t free you from the reality of your own vehicle, but this is where the mass produced automobile can be advantageous. Instead of settling for specific designs and required parts, you can build a custom vehicle that matches your style. Choosing a customer paint job, quality tachometer, or killer sound system, are only the beginning of the options available to the budding artist. The availability of these choices provides a freedom of creativity that most drivers won’t ever realize with their cars.

Going beyond the custom rims, spoilers and paint jobs, the real car enthusiast will go so far as to replace their engine, add Bilstein and KYB shocks, and overhaul the interior. By building a personalized vehicle, one can effectively create their own concept car, without the price tag and repair costs of the ones from the manufacturer. Whatever your interest, the concept car is always an interesting idea that offers insight to the future of vehicles.