Tuesday, December 15, 2020
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One of the most sought after supercars in the world, Aston Martin One-77 is going to be unveiled at the Concorso d’Eleganza on the shores of Lake Como in Italy. The fully-built concept car will see daylight between April 24 – 27, and visitors will get to see everything from the behemothic 7.3-litre V12 engine to its handmade interior that makes the One-77 stand out from the crowd.

“This is a major step in One-77’s engineering programme, showing the first complete car, and will demonstrate new benchmarks in many different fields of automotive design” said Dr Ulrich Bez, CEO of the company.

With technical intricacies and engineering excellence, the most stunning Aston Martins ever lifts automotive engineering into the realm of art. Just stay tuned, and we’ll update you with more images coming from Italy (as soon as we get them).