Monday, May 20, 2024
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Please, please don’t tell my wife about the new BMW M concept.  She’ll stop feeding the baby and trade in her current Beamer for this new rival to the Audi R8


Artist Idreis Noah, formerly of the GM Holden Australia design team has come up with a design of his own for the BMW M. And it’s a beaut! Just add water to the Audi R8 he says. The artists said details were “inspired by what’s called in surfing terms ‘a Barrel or Tube’. It’s where the wave is hollow when it breaks.”

Rushing water rolls over the wheels, cues on the door and flows into the side air intakes which sit on the protruding rear wheelbase. Consistent with BMW’s design paradigm the new model must be “Aggressive, Sleek, Agile and totally different from anything on the road today.” And give it a 5.0 liter V10 to boot and you are good to go.


BMW! Are you reading?