Tuesday, December 15, 2020
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Hyundai Sonata which will be sold as the i40 in Europe has been through a series of photo leaks and there is more to add to that phenomenon with a fresh set of images coming from a Korean Forum. The evident styling here makes us realize that the i40 will try to compete as a sedan and a coupe model but that will depend on what is under the hood as well.


The speculation is that the model will come with a 2.4L Theta II engine assisted by GDI technology to produce 200hp. There will also be a 2.0L gasoline variant powering the Sonata. As far as the Koreans and Europeans are concerned, there will be a third option available to them- a 2.2 L ‘R’ diesel variant capable of churning out 204 whilst complying with Euro 5 emission standards. The North Americans might get luckier with a 250hp Lambda V6 Sonata. The i40 will debut in September and the Koreans might be able to purchase it in October. As far as North America and Europe is concerned, it will arrive in 2010.