Tuesday, December 15, 2020
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kneisler autotechnik bmw m3 e46 supercharged 1 BMW M3 E46 gets Performance upgrades from Kneißler Autotechnik

Kneißler Autotechnik did not seemingly like the engine output of the BMW M3 E46 and therefore thought it deserves a supercharger. Therefore their wicked mechanics equipped the supercharger with a charge air cooler and revised the engine electronics to help the 3.2-liter inline-six to produce 459 hp and 498 Nm of torque. You might want to be critical to the €13,000 price tag but then there is a lot more power to play with, it might sound interesting. The hike in power is well embraced with the use of a Stoptech braking system with six piston calipers clamping a divided discs (price: €3852), while at the back there are four piston calipers doing the same job (€3103). Wisely enough, the exterior has been left untouched. What a beautiful monster …