Friday, June 5, 2020
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BMW is raking in the EfficientDynamics technology for every possible model just to ensure that it uses every drop of diesel to optimum use. The latest commuter bearing the BMW moniker and carrying the ED technology is the Vision Concept which is supposedly being taken off the veil at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

bmw vision efficienctdynamics concept BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Concept spotted at BMW Welt In Munich

Spotted in Munich, the Vision is capable of delivering M-Like performance with unbelievable economy numbers and uber low emissions. These pleasing promises are a courtesy of the VED Concept assisted by 1.5 L three-cylinder turbo diesel engine mated to a complete hybrid powertrain with twin-electric motors. These motors are placed on the front and rear axles and are together capable of producing 365hp with 800Nm of Torque. Consequently the entire combination helps the Vision Concept dash from 0 to 100Km/h in 4.8 seconds, while its tope speed is electronically limited to 250km/h.