Tuesday, December 15, 2020
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Swiss tuning house FAB is a name normally associated with Mercedes but changing the convention. this time around, the crazy tuners have decided to work on the Porsche Panamera. On the outside, the FAB edition Panamera gets a new front end with larger air inlets, a circumferential front spoiler, new side skirting, a reworked rear spoiler, and not to miss the carbon fibre bonnet and the flared fenders. Special attention has been paid to aero dynamism and that is why a carbon fiber wing finds a place on the rear.

Fab Design Porsche Panamera 4

Handling of the car has been further enhanced by lowering the suspension. Under the hood is a 4.8-L turbo variant which subject to modifications can render up to 700 horses however the standard maximum sits at 500hp. FAB has hinted that it has more Porsche related products in the scheme of things for the future, the Panamera being just a beginning.