Monday, May 20, 2024
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Swedish manufacturer Saab has hinted coming back into the World Rally Championships. The last year in which Saab had participated in the championships was in the year 1979. Reports suggest that Saab is looking for a possible return to the series in 2012. The news comes after a comeback announcement by MINI.

Saab was on the brink of a virtual collapse late last year, when it was saved by Spyker after it came in as a potential buyer of the brand from General Motors. Since then there had been rumors of a Saab comeback into the rally. According to sources, senior officials from Spyker have already met with the rally’s organizers – and they are expected to go into the next round of talks at the Rally of France in October.

It has been reported that the initial meeting between Saab and WRC officials, and also the FIA commissions and promoter North One Sport, has already happened and there’s a huge amount of enthusiasm from all concerned. Like MINI, Saab has a great heritage in the sport and a return to the WRC is seen as a sensible move.

If Saab makes it to the rally, the car models to be used will be 9-1 or 9-2. Most Probably Saab will be using the BMW 1.6L engine which has been made for the MINI team.