Monday, May 20, 2024
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K-PAX Racing S60, the seemingly adorable vehicle from Volvo, has just got announced. Volvo has also released the first image of the race car. The vehicle has been designed aiming at the 2011 World Challenge GT Series based on the S60 model. The race car has got an aggressive looking front fascia along with a massive yet impressive rear wing. The vehicle is equipped with a ventilated hood as well.

It has been learnt that the K-PAX Racing S60 will be officially revealed at the Miller Motorsports Park. The time scheduled for the unveiling function falls in late April, for the fourth round of World Challenge, which means before competing against other entries including the Cadillac CTS-V Racing Coupe.

No more details, especially that of the technical specifications is not out yet. Well, Volvo confirmed that they will launch two cars. Both of these vehicles will definitely feature all-wheel-drive, says the Swedish auto builder.