Monday, December 14, 2020
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The Ford Mustang is the absolute icon of the American muscle car. So it seems obvious that American Muscle is the one-stop shop for all your 1987-2009 Mustang needs. Anyone can buy a Mustang, but if you want to truly make it yours, you have to customize. And with FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS, you’ll make American Muscle your Mustang headquarters!

Mustang Exteriors

When customizing, why not start with the most noticeable change you can make by selecting a Mustang body kit for your car? Prepped and ready to be painted, American Muscle is proud to offer everything from full body kits to simple Mustang fuel doors, and everything in between. Offering products from Roush, Cervini’s and CDC, American Muscle has you covered for everything body kit related. And once you’ve made your Mustang look totally different with a body kit, how about making it sound and perform better with a new exhaust system? Choose from a wide selection of X-Pipes, H-Pipes, Cat Backs and Side Exhausts! Or, shop by brand and try to decide between the ultra-loud SLP, the popular Magnaflow, or the inexpensive Pypes.

Mustang Suspension

Now that your Mustang looks and sounds exactly the way you want it to, it’s time to make sure you’re getting every bit of power out of it you can. One way to ensure you’re not being cheated is by modifying the Mustang suspension. Pick up some new springs, dampers or sway bars to eliminate wheel hop, correct bump steer and lower the Mustang’s center of gravity, all of which help you get the best suspension possible, and to put the ponies in the engine on the road.

Mustang Accessories

Once you’ve made all these modifications, it’s time to think about some of the additional bits and pieces that you’d like to add to your car to give it that finishing touch. One place to start is with a swank-looking Mustang emblem. Let ‘em know if you’re driving a 4.6 Supercharged, a 5.0 High Performance, a sleek Cobra or several other Mustang varieties with an easy-to-install Mustang emblem. There’s also a whole collection of Mustang graphics to consider when you want to think about continuing to personalize your car. We offer both vinyl and stainless steel bumper inserts as part of the Mustang graphics, as well as a large number of decals for bumpers, windshields and hood scoops.

A bit of customization that many people fail to take into consideration is the shifter knob, the little bit of plastic that attaches to your shift handle. All these shifter knobs come with engraved graphics on them so you’ll always know when you’re shifting into high, no matter whether you’ve got the retro-styled, cue-ball shifter knob or the racing-inspired, billet shifter knob Another piece of frequently overlooked personalization is the Mustang license plate frame. Best of all, Mustang license plate frames work with any variety of Mustang, and are available in either the refined Mustang-script variety, or the classic tri-bar Pony frame.

Mustang Apparel

Now that you’ve found everything you need to customize your Mustang, how about customizing yourself? With our Ford Mustang apparel, let everybody know how dedicated you are to your car, whether you’re driving it or not. Mustang apparel includes men’s, women’s and even children’s varieties of t-shirts, plus a wide assortment of hats, sweatshirts and even some jewelry to choose from, to show people that you’re the ultimate Mustang fan.