Monday, December 14, 2020
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This is one showdown we’re very excited to watch. Two of the world’s best performance cars go head to head in battle in this video by UK-based car news sure, Auto Express.

In one corner, we have the all new, much anticipated BMW M4.

As the name suggests, the M4 is the new version of the ever-popular, M3. For any performance car loving fan, the M3 has always been one of the best, and, considering that things only tend to get better, the M4 looks set to be just as (or even more) impressive.

The M4 produces 425bhp from a twin turbo engine and, according to the drivers in the video, its has a raw, edgy feeling to it that makes it just that much dinner to drive – especially at high speeds.

In the other corner is the Audi RS5.

Now, we know that Audi makes great cars, and great performance cars for that matter. The RS5 might be more stable than the M4, making it feel heavier when driven, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that the RS5 is pretty damn hot.

The Audi RS produces 430bhp from a 4 liter, V8 engine. It also has the Audi quattro 4-wheel drive system.

Which of these two performance cars do you think will emerge victorious? Check out the video below to find out: