Thursday, June 4, 2020
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Mr. Wash

Do you know what is as important as having a good looking car? Having a clean, good looking car.

This is why we thought we’d introduce you to the world’s biggest car wash. At this car wash, you don’t just simply go for a wash ‘n go, you treat your petrol-run, metal friend (this is your car). Think of it as a parlour/spa for your car.

Mr. Wash, in Stuttgart, Germany, is way more than a car wash. You won’t find Frikkie and his hosepipe and Sunlight liquid at this establishment. Oh no.

The entire building is 2-stories high and cost a whopping $40 million to build! It can clean up to 400 cars per hour – yes, per HOUR. Which, if you calculate, amours to roughly 500 000 cars a year!

It also uses cutting edge technology and machinery to give your car the very best when it come to cleaning.

Besides treating your car like a royal, the establishment also treats you like a VIP. Oh, and your dog, too.

While waiting for your car to be cleaned, you can sit back and relax in a comfortable lounge and enjoy a free cup of coffee. Should you have your furry friend with you, you can take them over to the dog bar, where they can treat themselves to some delicious dog snacks.

One would think that the prices at such an establishment would be ridiculous and basically only reserved to those that drive super expensive cars. But alas! It serves us mere mortals too (well, that is if we lived in Stuttgart).

Prices start at only 6 euros and continue upwards from there.

Check out the video the Wall Street Journal did on the car wash below. Way to go, Mr. Wash!