Audi RS4 advertisement

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Ok, we admit it took us a second or two to make ends meet in this Audi RS4 ad… In case you’re wondering it’s the speed cam pointing towards the garage.


Audi powered supercar redefines performance

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Gumpert Apollo

The Gumpert Apollo (pronounced gum-pair-h) is the first supercar produced by Gumpert Sportwagenmanufaktur GmbH in Germany. The project is the creation of Roland Gumpert, a former Audi employee who oversaw many a rallying success working as competitions chief in their Quattro division. Gumpert’s partner is Roland Mayer, the boss of German tuning house MTM. (more…)

The Truth about Power

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You have just taken ownership of your new 225kW BMW 335i. At the traffic lights a normal Mazda 6 MPS pulls up next to you. The petrol head that you are, you know every cars’ power output like you know your two times table. From the last car magazine you read you know this car pushes out 191Kw. You have a whole 34kW more so you figure out that you could smoke him and decide to take him on. Something just never went to plan as you struggled to shrug him off. You trying to understand why he kept up with you and the first thing that pops to mind is that this car must be modified although it was stock standard. (more…)

Audi Q7 reviewed

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Size matters. Or at least that seemed to be Audis philosophy when it came to developing its first off-roader. The Q7 is massive: 250mm longer and 68mm wider than the Discovery with a wheelbase of more than three metres. (more…)

Audi Q7 vs BMW X5 vs Land Rover Discovery

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land rover bmw x5 audi q7

The original BMW X5 made quite a splash when it hit SA showrooms in 2000. It wasnt the worlds first upmarket 4×4 the Range Rover preceded it by nearly 30 years but its arrival, more than that of any other model, helped to kick-start the surge in popularity for full-size SUVs.

The X5s blend of sexyness, sporting attitude, BMW quality and class-leading road manners made it the first choice for more than 50,000 South African buyers.

Environmental concerns mean the SUV sector is less fashionable now than it was eight years ago, but that hasn’t stopped BMW predicting great things for its second-generation X5. The larger newcomer is cleaner and more efficient than its predecessor, has revised front suspension to improve dynamics and, perhaps most importantly, now offers family buyers the option of seven seats. However, the premium 4×4 market is flooded with talented machinery such as the Audi Q7. The manufacturer took its time to jump on the SUV bandwagon, but its seven-seat offering aims to be all things to all men, combining space, comfort and quality with real driver appeal. Yet its unlikely the Germans will have everything their own way in this test. Our current class champion is the Land Rover Discovery. It makes no pretence at being sporty, but its sheer versatility has won it a legion of fans.

The original X5 surfed the SUV wave when the market boomed, and sold in huge numbers as a result. The second-generation model won’t have such an easy ride. Its still a fine car, though. Its increased practicality is welcome and it drives with the same verve and agility as its predecessor.

Factor in the superb straight-six diesel, and the X5 has the Q7 well beaten. The Audi tries to be all things to all owners, and falls between two stools as a result; its neither as crisp to drive as the BMW, nor as versatile as the Discovery.

Ultimately, the Land Rover is a very different car to the BMW, so the choice here boils down to your own personal priorities the X5 is for keen drivers with an eye on image, while the Discovery is for those who value comfort and convenience above all. Our pick is still the Discovery for it’s legend off road history which over powers the Audi and BMW offerings designed for on road activities.

The Audi TT clubsport quattro

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tt audi concept

Every Audi TT is noted for its clear lines, unmistakable dynamism and the driving characteristics of a sports car. Audi now presents the TT in its most purist form: the clubsport quattro study.

The Audi TT clubsport quattro study reduces the TT Roadster to a pure driving machine. A powerful engine, state-of-the-art technology and numerous traits borrowed from the world of motorsport are the dominant features of the TT clubsport quattro.

The goal that the development engineers set themselves for this vehicle study was to achive purism at a premium level. No hood, no A-post instead, a wraparound windscreen kept extremely low which deliberately evokes images of a speedster. The flat, slightly tinted window strip surrounds the cockpit. The panoramic windscreen and the two humps located behind the interior in place of the hood compartment are reminiscent of a racing car. The rollover bars familiar from the TT Roadster are kept flatter and are the same height as the sports bucket seats. (more…)

Audi RS5 – Already?

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audi rs5

Audi is busy prepping three new versions of its new A5 coupe – headlined by this blistering 450bhp RS5 that arrives early next year to take on its new BMW M3 and Mercedes C63 rivals. Like all R models, the topdog A5 has been fully developed by Quattro, Audi’s in-house go-fast engineering team.

As our impressions show, the RS5 will get the full Quattro treatment. The glorious high-revving 4.2-litre V8 that powers the RS4 gets plumbed into the RS5’s nose, complete with two small and highly responsive turbochargers that will take peak power up to the 450bhp. That’s not a great deal more than the S5’s 354bhp, but the RS5 searing pace will come from its phenomenal blower-enhanced torque – expect at least 500lb ft of twist action to plateau across the rev range.

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Audi RS8 supercar up in flames

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News broke recently about the million euro Audi RS8 prototype that went up in flames on the Nürburgring test track. (powered by a V10 Lambo engine) I’ve heard about really hitting the track hard on the last day of testing but causing the car to literally burn up the track?

Some net-savvy spy guy snapped some pix of the wreck which revealed nothing, nothing much left of the uber super car. We crawled the web and got this clip of the action.