The most electric day ever: Audi e-tron sales to start 2012

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Thomas Edison, Alessandro Volta, Nikola Tesla and Benjamin Franklin. All pioneers in the field of electricity and all of them would’ve been very proud of today’s happenings on the Automotive front.

As you may or may not know the LA Auto show is on at the moment and the main theme is electricity and hybrids. It seems as if every car maker used the show to announce their very own zero emissions aspirations.

First up is the Audi e-tron. While we have all seen the red version a couple of months ago, Audi brought along a butt-ugly orange version for the LA show. What we didn’t know till now was that Audi is planning to sell the e-tron from 2012.

Some of the stats are truly unbelievable like the torque number of 4500 nm of torque! Acceleration is awesome too with 100km/h coming up in4.8s and 60km/h-120km/h takes only 4.1s!

Breaking: Audi A8 revealed – disappointing

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The new A8 from Audi was revealed last night in Miami. The design looks pure Audi – very understated, classy. If there is anything negative to say it is probably that the new A8 looks a bit boring. Nothing inspiring about it and looks like a bigger A4.

One would think that as the flagship of the Audi range the A8 would be something special, but as car designs go it looks like Audi is stuck in automotive groundhog day with it’s saloon cars.

The interior looks cluttered and it doesn’t really look like the neatest place to be with a whole host of buttons all over the place, no doubt to control every conceivable feature known to man. Still, that’s no excuse to create such a chaotic environment for it’s passengers when we’ve seen so many automakers move away from the button overload from a few years back so efficiently.

All in all then first impressions isn’t that great.

Click more for the full press release.


Audi R8 video review

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J.F. Musial drives the 2009 Audi R8 – great insight and commentary.

Audi hearts Bayern Munich, buys 9% of club for R1,020,480,057.15

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That’s right. Audi has bought 9.09% of Bayern Munich, the soccer club, for a massive amount of R1 020 480 057 and 15 cents if our calculations are correct. Which they are.

So if you like Audi, you’ll now feel like buying a Bayern Munich shirt. And if you like Bayern Munich, you’ll feel like you need an Audi.

Car Of The Year finalists announced

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The finalists for the 2010 South African Snoozefest Car of the year have been announced. The finalists in no particular order of monotony are:

  • Alfa Romeo Mito 1.4i Turbo Petrol
  • Audi Q5 2.0 T STronic
  • Chevy Cruze 1.8 LS
  • Hyundai i20 1.6 GLS
  • Suzuki Alto 1(!) litre GLS
  • Toyota Prius
  • VW Golf 6 1.4 TSI 90 kw Comfortline
  • Volvo XC60 3.0T Geartronic

From here on the finalists go on a couple of tests which include high speed dynamic assessment, parking ability, handling and other tests all while monitoring the fuel consumption.

I suppose they will have a proper car to tow some of these babies around to get them to high speed because on their own steam they won’t get there.

Anyway, which one do you think will win and why – leave a comment.

Audi A7 Leaked Photos & Specs

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Recently, some shots of the new Audi A7 leaked on the Internet, showing the car in a very advanced development state – it appears to be basically ready for production. There’s no sign of the usual research and development marks, and security seems to be loosened as well. Visually, the car seems to have undergone a change in its front, getting a new set of headlights as well as a new bumper.

Audi A7 Leaked Photos & Specs 1

Some may notice a similarity to the A5 Sportback, although the B and C pillars are different, and the front doors are frameless, which is standard for sports cars. The car gives off an appearance of being elongated and lowered, and bears some resemblance to the Porsche Panamera in some aspects, such as the spoiler. The car will have a pretty strong engine with a 7-gear transmission.

It’s expected to be released within two months or so. [via WCF]

MTM Squeezes More from the Audi TT RS

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MTM Audi TT RS Tuning 1

The German tuners from MTM have developed a performance package for the new Audi TT RS. Although the stock version doesn’t need much more from the 2.5-litre 5-cylinder turbo that outputs 340hp (250kW) 450Nm of torque, allowing it to go naught to 100 km/h in just 4.6 seconds, the improved engine control unit (ECU) and the new exhaust system with innovative middle and end pipes with throttle valves fixed, have managed to squeeze up to 84 more horsies taking it to 100km/h in 4.2 seconds on its way to a max speed of 297 km/h. Add the new set of MTM sport wheels (19″ and 20″) and it’s not a bad deal, eh?

Leopards Love to Hang Out in Audi TTs

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Not sure about you but if I were to live in Russia I’d genuinely fear for my Audi TT from being stolen. I do agree there are car alarms, GPS systems to track your car when it goes missing or whatever other technologies you may think of, but to be honest none can compare to actually putting a leopard inside to guard it for you. And when you consider that it’s much more fun having the leopard riding with its head over the window, it’s also safe to assume that no carjacker will have the guts to steal your wallet while at the stop light. Now if that’d be legit in South Africa …

[via RPMGO]