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This is the biggest car wash in the world

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Mr. Wash

Do you know what is as important as having a good looking car? Having a clean, good looking car.

This is why we thought we’d introduce you to the world’s biggest car wash. At this car wash, you don’t just simply go for a wash ‘n go, you treat your petrol-run, metal friend (this is your car). Think of it as a parlour/spa for your car.

Mr. Wash, in Stuttgart, Germany, is way more than a car wash. You won’t find Frikkie and his hosepipe and Sunlight liquid at this establishment. Oh no.

The entire building is 2-stories high and cost a whopping $40 million to build! It can clean up to 400 cars per hour – yes, per HOUR. Which, if you calculate, amours to roughly 500 000 cars a year! (more…)

A different kind of topless carwash

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Do any of you guys plan on going to a topless carwash? Better stay far away from one that has that kind of services. Right?

Topless Car Wash Gone Bad?

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Do you wish to treat your car at a topless/bikini car wash? Make sure it’s not something like this, as I’m pretty sure it’s not funny to hear the elephants coming out the door ready to “do” your car — although it’s funny watching those car owners pwned…….

Canadian Way of Washing a Dropped-top Mini Cabrio

Published by on Jan 27th, 2009, 2 Comments

Call it an idiotic idea or a great viral from MINI, here’s a video that will likely get you to smile. Three Canadian guys from Toronto are looking for some fun and the best way to do it, is by driving a dropped-top MINI Cabrio through an automatic car wash. Though the car went out unscathed, we wouldn’t recommend anything like this (but if you do it make sure you’ll email us the video) to your own ride. Check out the hot air treatment … priceless, isn’t it? And here’s the behind the scenes video. FUNNY AS HELL!

[via miniunited]