Hyundai 2011 Equus Price Out; Pay $58,000-plus to Drive One

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Hyundai has officially announced that when the 2011 Equus gets to dealerships in December, customers will have to pay upwards of $58,000 (€41,980). This means that the Equus costs $15,000 (€10,860) more than the Genesis 4.6, but the car still manages to be more affordable than rivals like the Lexus LS 460L ($70,925), BMW 750Li ($86,400) and Mercedes S550 ($91,600).


Kia K9 Luxury Sedan Teaser Sketch

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Kia K9 luxury sedan 1

There’s no news anymore that Kia would like to have their share in the luxury sports sedan segment. Supposedly dubbed Kia K9, the company’s luxury sedan has made an appearance last week at a design conference near Seoul where Kia’s chief designer Peter Schreyer (the guy behind the original Audi TT) bragged with it. Comparable to Audi’s A8 or BMW’s 7 series, the K9 luxury sedan is a more streamline and futuristic Equus that is rumored to pack all Genesis motorizations along with a new petrol V8 or an 8-speed automatic gearbox to get the most bang out of it. Not much else is known and nothing confirmed for now, but boy that Kia K9 looks sharp enough to charm our hearts!

Kia K9 luxury sedan 1

Hyundai Equus comes to the US in 2010

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There wasn’t much known about the scheduled release of the Hyundai Equus in the US until a couple of weeks back, but today we learned that Hyundai has now officially confirmed the luxurious Equus sedan for a 2010 debut in the US. The sedan will be launched with a new christening especially for States and it will compete with the likes of Lexus, BMW and Mercedes. As per Hyundai’s American president and CEO, John Krafcik, the response for the car has been great ever since it was revealed at the New York Auto Show which is comparable to the response Genesis (the award winning sedan) first got from the experts and the dealers across the country.

Hyundai Equus VL500 LWB Spied

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The high-end luxury models from all big names have an LWB model in their contingent and Hyundai has sort of realized that too take the competition to that level, there should be one in its kitty too. And the preparations for it have already been made with a LWB variant of the Hyundai Equus spied in Ulsan, South Korea. The spy shots revealed a different front-grille on a supposed recycled prototype design.


The biggest give away from the spy shot is the badge at the rear which reads VL500 meaning that the VS460 badge worn by the current Equus range-topper will not be the flagship any more. Indeed it will be a new 5.0-litre Tau V8 engine worth over 400hp that will now embrace the sedan. We expect this sedan to go public sometime next year (at least the Standard wheel base) as a 2011 model and will be priced around $50,000.


Hyundai Equus Plans an Entry Into the US market

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Everyone was caught off guard when Hyundai unveiled the Equus at the New York International Auto Show and made its intentions crystal clear when it comes to being interested in launching the luxury vehicle in US market. The message given out by Hyundai is that the Equus will set its wheels in US showrooms as a competitive package with a very attractive price tag.

While this means great news for customers, This should send a shiver or two down the chassis of the likes of Lexus LS, as Hyundai promises to bring out a Equus for US that is loaded with a 5.0-litre V8 ‘Tau’ engine under the hood, mated with an 8-speed automatic transmission ate a price tag of around $50,000! This is a great deal compared to the current Korean version that sells for $ 79,000 and powered by a 3.8-litre V6 or the 4.6-litre V8. While the actual debut into US market could still be good 3 to 5 years away, the signs are encouraging indeed.

Hyundai Equus opens to a sizzling debut in Korea

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Powered by a 3.8 liter V6 Lambda or the 4.6 liter V8 Tau, the Hyundai Equus made its much awaited debut in the Korean market. And while the Lambda’s 285 hp and the Tau’s 360 hp does not boast of hair-rising speed, it makes up for the lack of oomph with its little techie-nuggets. Slated for release in China and Middle East later this year, the electric parking brake, the lane-departure warning system, smart cruise control and a 3.5-inch display screen give you complete value for money with a price tag ranging from €33,514 to €55,857. With the cutting edge 5-link suspension coupled with the Amplitude Selective Dampers, the Equus seems to be a wonderful buy for those looking for a luxurious everyday ride. Don’t you think? [via]

2010 Hyundai Equus

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Hyundai doesn’t seem to be affected by the global financial crisis that has hit the auto market really bad in the last few months, and released some sketches with what looks like their new flagship: the 2010 Hyundai Equus. Formerly known as VI the car is going to use the rear-wheel drive technology from the Genesis platform, has a 4.6 liter V8 engine (and later 5.0 V8) that should develop some 400hp. Hyundai is all set to debut the new Equus in South Korea in February 2010. Do you think it will get close to the German premium automakers, because from what I see, the front resembles some Merc-flavor, isn’t it? – via Hyundai Blog