Hennessey planning updated, faster version of Venom GT

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Venom F5

It seems that breaking the land speed record isn’t enough for Hennessey and their Venom GT. In fact, the car company has just announced plans for a updated, faster version of the Venom GT.

Talking to Top Gear, Hennessey confirmed the company’s plans to build a Venom GT that would make the existing GT look like small fry. And the name? They plan on calling this beast of a super car the Venom GT F5. We’re thinking the F stands for fast.

The main goal with the Venom GT F5 is to top the top speed of the Venom GT. Hennessey said that they would like to reach a top speed of a whopping 290mph (that’s 466,17 km/h to you and me). To refresh your memory, the top speed that the existing Venom GT reached was 270,4mph (or 435,16) – and with it, they took the land speed record.

Before Hennessey stepped onto the playground, the previous land speed record was held by Bugatti with their Veyron at 269,86mph (434,29km/h).  (more…)

Special Edition Hennessey GT Venom made available for purchase

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A few weeks ago, we reported on the the Hennessey GT Venom’s record-breaking run. This stunt saw the American-made super car break the land speed record at an incredible 435,16 km/h.

And if you were one of he people witnessing the amazing stunt and thinking: “I need this car in my life”, well, it’s your lucky day – because Hennessey has just announced that they are releasing a special edition GT Venom WFE. And yes, the WFE stands for World’s Fastest Edition.  (more…)

Hennessey Venom GT breaks land speed record

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Well this is some really exciting news on a Tuesday afternoon!

While we love ourselves a bit of super car, we really like it when these super cars push it to there limits – and if a land speed record gets broken in the process, all the better.

The Hennessey Venom GT has broken the land speed record (only just) at an incredible 270,4 mph. To put that into perspective; the Venom topped an amazing 435,16 km/h. Now that’s one fast car.  (more…)

Hennessey Venom GT – Still a Concept

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Hennessey Venom GT Concept

Now I’m having a dilemma. I don’t know if I should choose a Bugatti Veyron or this beautiful Hennessey Venom GT which still a project to be released in 2009. Not that I would have the money to pay for it but it’s just that I can’t decide which is better. The Venom GT is powered by a Dodge Viper V10 8.4-liter engine that can sport 1,000 hp, allows you to choose from a manual six-speed gearbox or a sequential transmission and only weighs 1,225kg. Math is really easy this time, with a 1.225kg/hp ratio and that’s great.

If you need to see how fast this baby is going to be how does 2.5 seconds for to reach 100km/h? How about 14seconds for 300km/h? Would that impress your “co-pilot”? You’ll have to agree with me, if this is how it’s going to look Bugatti Veyron has a very good competitor.

Hennessey Venom GT

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