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Mercedes SLS gullwing – nice.

Nissan GTR – nice.

Mclaren SLR – nice.

Now imagine someone deciding to take the SLS, give it some kind of GTR “gaping mouth” and for good measure give it the dropping nose treatment of the SLR.

WHAT? This isn’t just a bad idea, but someone actually decided to take that idea further and make a virtual design study of such an abomination.

The guilty party – MEC Design. Let’s hope they don’t build this thing.

Source: MEC Design

Mercedes Benz C63 AMG gets the Performance Package Plus Treatment

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The Mercedes Benz C63 AMG super Sedan from Daimler got hotter for the coming season courtesy of the performance package plus treatment. The tuning kit for the C63 AMG borrows a few essential traits from the SLS AMG supercar pushing the power to 487hp (30hp more than the standard version). The treatment ensured that the 6.3L V8 beast got new forged alloy pistons, a new set of crank rods and a lightweight crankshaft all from the SLS territory. To top it all, a titanium-colored intake manifold and recalibrated computer module were mated to complete the package that now helps the car pelt from 0 to 62mph in 4.4 seconds. The braking ought to improve with a package such as this and therefore the brake package was upgraded with composite rotors. On the outside, the sedan version gets a carbon fiber spoiler. The upgraded Mercedes Benz C63 should be available in Europe later this year. Sleek, eh? [via Autoblog]

mercedes-benz-c63-amg performance kit

Lumma Tuning Kit for the Latest Mercedes E Class

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Tuning house Lumma has a special affinity for the Mercedes-Benz brand. This time, the German tuner has come up with a tuning kit for the new E 50 CLR which is based on the Mercedes E Class 212. The exterior receives a new stainless steel mesh grille to begin with. Other changes include a front bumper spoiler with daytime running lights and side skirts with fenders and side vents.


On the rear, the E 50 CLR gets a lip spoiler, a redesigned rear bumper and a trunk lid spoiler. The overall ride height of the car has been reduced by 25mm and the commuter gets 20-inch racing edition wheels. On the inside are aluminum milled pedals, suede floor mats with Lumma crests and a 300km/h speedometer. The petrol engine has been upgraded to 450 hp with 550Nm torque courtesy of the V-Max assistance. The diesel variant is blessed with a D-Box to experience a 20% performance increase.

Edo Competition Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG

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Edo Competition sure loves the Mercedes Benz C63 exterior for even though it came out with its trimming scissors, there was hardly any change made on the outside. Just the wheels were changed into black 19-inch lightweight alloys with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup high-performance tyres that measure 235/35 19 at the front and 265/30 19 at the rear. Even the interior has been spared however better leather upholstery and unique trims can be rendered on order.


So basically the trim concentrated on the engine. The ECU was recalibrated and upgraded for higher performance numbers. Also, a new high-performance exhaust system, exhaust headers, high-flow catalytic converters and new air filters were added to assist the engine cool-off faster. Though the 6.3-litre naturally aspirated V8 wasn’t touched, the small changes have helped it churn more power. As a consequence it now produces 555hp at 680Nm of Torque, whereas the original does 457hp at 600Nm of torque. The 0 to 100Km/h dash now clocks 4.3 seconds while the needle on the meter can touch 320km/h.

Brabus "Pimps" the new Mercedes E-Class Coupe

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The recently launched Mercedes E-Class Coupe just got an upgrade package from the wicked tuners from BRABUS. Running on a beefed up 6.1-liter V8 engine (from 5.5-liter) that outputs 462 hp (340 kW) and 615 Nm (453 lb-ft) of torque, the new Mercedes-Benz E500 features a billet crankshaft, larger pistons, and special four-valve cylinder heads with custom camshafts. With a stainless-steel quad exhaust systems and a stylish exterior that sweats power from every little joint, BRABUS sure managed to amaze us this time. So does the $40,000 price that they’re expected to cash in to making the new E-Class Coupe the most bad-ass kid behind the block. [via WCF]

New Mercedes E-Class Sedan For $49,475

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Isn’t it nice to see that the new model of a car is being sold for less than the current version? I’m talking about the new 2010 E-Class range and the E350 sedan, in particular. Apparently the good folks from the States are going to get their hands on one for $49,475, which is $4,600 lower than the original $54,075. And they have the same offer on the E550, which will cost you $57,175 — which is $2,500 lower on the base price. That sure looks like a great one if you’re a Merc fan and have some cash sitting in the bank for a new one.

MEC Design Shows Off S-Class Bodykit

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The wicked chaps from MEC Design got their hands on a Mercedes-Benz S-Class and created an amazing bodykit that adds style and makes it look much more aggressive. A 2face system allows you to choose between a front bumper with driving lights and fog lights or with just mesh, features a sporty (or elegant) diffuser, side skirts for flowing lines, LED lighting and a sport exhaust system made from mandrel-bent stainless steel tubing. With a charming interior that features some ergonomically designed handles and some precious wood inlays and leather, we’re definitely sold on this new S-Class bodykit. [Thanks Daren for sending this in]

2010 Mercedes E63 AMG to officially step out at the New York Auto Show

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While the official debut for the 2010 Mercedes E63 AMG will be at the New York Auto Show, we managed to get our hands on the first pics and a press release. The car looks simply stunning with an increase in power, better efficiency, lighter body and a few changes to the exterior. The latest from AMG sports a 6.3-litre naturally aspirated V8 with 518bhp and a torque of 465lb ft allowing it to race from 465lb ft in just 4.5 seconds. Apart from that, the E63 can top off at a cool 155mph and consumes 12 percent less fuel offering it a mileage of 22.4 mpg on an average. It still comes with Controlled Efficiency, Sport, Sport Plus and Manual setting choices and this should largely govern your fuel economy. Sporting 18-inch AMG allow wheels, LED daytime running lights, a more aggressive front spoiler, a rear diffuser and four tailpipes, the E63 AMG Sedan is set go on sale in UK by this September… Watch out Merc fans!