Honda CR-Z MUGEN in the Making

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The performance variant CR-Z hybrid is in its making. MUGEN Euro, Honda’s tuning partner MUGEN’s UK subsidiary is working on the new version dubbed as CR-Z MUGEN. According to the tuner, the new variant will feature Type-R-like performance experience, at the same time it offers few specifics only.


Honda Civic Type R MUGEN 200 Limited Edition raids the UK

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2011 Honda Civic Type R MUGEN 200 Limited Edition 3

Honda is all set to lure in the UK buyers with its Limited Edition Honda Civic Type R Mugen 200 which draws its inspiration from the Honda specialty tuner MUGEN Euro’s Type R. As the name suggests, the C Type R will be an exclusive model with only 200 units up for grabs in the UK. The specific model is blessed with the Honda i-VTEC engine that renders a hefty 198bhp. Mugen touches include front and rear bumper skirts, Mugen badging at the rear, 19-inch alloys and a limited slip differential. All 200 units will come done in Championship white and gloss black side mirrors. The Honda Civic Type R MUGEN 200 will go on sale in April 2010.

Mugen's Two Seat Honda Civic Type-R

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Honda Civic Mugen RR (JDM)

Nothing sure for the moment, but if the rumor that Mugen is planning to release a two-seat RR-based Civic Type-R hatchback, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a hot seller. I don’t know about you but for me Honda has always been translated to amazing engines with great performances. Well it looks like Mugen is about to bring the looks to the whole deal. Based on the current Mugen RR (pictured) but with an upgraded suspension, bigger Brembo brakes, stylish 18-inch wheels and lightweight Recaro buckets. Same rumors have it that if built, the two seat Honda Civic Type-R would be powered by a 2.0-liter engine that outputs 237 bhp and 160 lbs of torque. So how does $58-$60k sound for one …. ? [via Autoblog]

Honda Civic 5D Mugen

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There are some interesting things happening in Moscow at the Russian Motor Show, but I liked this one in particular because I’m a Honda Civic fan for at least 15 years now. The Japanese from Mugen Motorsports, managed to take a standard Honda Civic 5-door hatchback and build a special new look, just for it and most likely for the European market. I’m pretty confident that Honda is gaining popularity in South Africa and that more and more dealers will be interested in getting some tuning deals for their clients.

Not sure about you, but that sure looks nice in my opinion. Am I subjective, or it’s the general opinion?