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Smart ForTwo PearlGrey Special Edition Revealed

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SmartForTwo revealed a chic PearlGrey special edition of its vehicle. The car  is all set to debut this November in Germany, and will go on sale for a starting price of €14,490.


Third Generation Smart Fortwo Electric to Release in Early 2012

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The limited-edition test program model Smart Fortwo Electric Drive (ED), the one that comes under the category of second-generation comes with a hefty price tag. Though the vehicle is offered under the lease-only plan, the manufacturer, Daimler has announced a  $44,387 price.


Smart ForTwo Roadster Revealed in Patent Application

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Smart ForTwo is all set to develop a new roadster. As per the renderings listed on the application for patent filed with the European Patent Office, the new venture will feature an aerodynamic design. It will have a low windscreen and a prominent roll bar


Chinese JAC IV Concept Ready to Challenge the Smart ForTwo

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JAC IV Concept 1

Over the years, many small cars have been touted as Smart ForTwo competitors but none of those models could ever enjoy the ForTwo success. Chinese automaker JAC is determined to change this pattern as it has readied the IV concept which will get thoroughly previewed at the Beijing Motor Show. There are no real details available but JAC IV gets the style traits from JACs Italian Design Studio. The Italian lines might be good to impress the consumers upfront but the engine also plays an important part in the long run. What the JAC IV does hare in common with the ForTwo is the two-seat arrangement.

Smart ForTwo Gets Accessories

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Smart has gone ahead and released a set of cosmetic accessories for the Smart and Brabus ForTwo and the kitty includes some stickers and LEDs. Mind you, it is a purely a decorative package and the engine gets no tweaking if you thought so. The package includes six types of foil stickers; each designed by artist Timo Wuerz who is working directly with Mercedes-Benz.

smart fortwo

The six color options reflect the ‘six colorful motifs’ and each of these stickers cost €250. These stickers remain good for five years and they can be removed in a matter of minutes if the need be. The package also includes a set of Brabus LED daytime running lights and third LED brake lights where the daytime LEDs cost €549 while the brake lights cost €129. For the interior, there is a Brabus carbon-look eight-piece interior trim set which demands €299.

Shaq buys a Smart ForTwo

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Boy that’s a weird thing. The Phoenix Suns superstar Shaquille O’Neal which in case you didn’t knew, weighs 375 pounds and is 2.16m (7 ft 1 in) big, just bought a new car. What you expect? A big limo with enough space for feet and large? Wrong. He bought a Smart ForTwo and what’s even more surprising, is that the guy actually fits inside. Well sorta! He got himself a convertible!

It’s pretty funny to see the big guy with his head several inches over the windshield being all cramped inside the small car. By the way! There’s no evidence that the door actually closes with Shaq inside.

How big are you and what cars you drive? Would you choose a Smart ForTwo if you’d be that “large” ?

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