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06 August
Shaq buys a Smart ForTwo

Boy that’s a weird thing. The Phoenix Suns superstar Shaquille O’Neal which in case you didn’t knew, weighs 375 pounds and is 2.16m (7 ft 1 in) big, just bought a new car. What you expect? A big limo with enough space for feet and large? Wrong. He bought a Smart ForTwo and what’s even more surprising, is that the guy actually fits inside. Well sorta! He got himself a convertible!

It’s pretty funny to see the big guy with his head several inches over the windshield being all cramped inside the small car. By the way! There’s no evidence that the door actually closes with Shaq inside.

How big are you and what cars you drive? Would you choose a Smart ForTwo if you’d be that “large” ?

via TMZ (Source)


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