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This police car will definitely catch you

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If there is one type of car that needs to be fast, it’s a police car. Seeing as though they catch and chase criminals and all, one would expect these cars to be super fast.

However, locally our police cars aren’t that fast. In fact, some of them are rather slow – not good at all if you are pursuing a criminal in the loose! But just because our local cars aren’t ridiculously fast, doesn’t mean that other country’s police cars have to be slow too. In fact, this new police car from a small town in the south of England is anything but slow.  (more…)

Goodwood Parade showcases an array of super cars for charity

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The Goodwood Saywell International Charity Track day is an annual event that brings together some of the world’s met famous and celebrated super cars, puts them all on a track, and make some money for charity. So you can imagine that it is, without a doubt, any petrol head’s dream event.

This year, the parade took place on March 22nd. And, just as it has done in previous years, the parade definitely did not disappoint!

The event is almost like a fun run or marathon for charity  – except, instead of superstar athletes taking part, its superstar super cars that take to the track. (more…)

Spy Shots: Jaguar F-Type R-S Coupe

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F-Type Coupe

If these spy shots are anything to go by, then supercar manufacturers might want to pull up their socks and get ready for when the Jaguar F-type Coupe finally arrives.

Currently, the fabulous F-type is only available as roadster while Jaguar continue to fine tune the finishing touches on the roadsters sibling, the coupe.

The official debut for the F-type Coupe is scheduled in just a couple of weeks time – at the Frankfurt Auto Show. (more…)

Arrinera Super Car Revealed in Video Footage

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Arrinera has shown off its super car in two new videos and from what we have seen so far, the car’s design appears to draw inspiration from the Lamborghini models.


Lamborghini Super Car Heads for Frankfurt

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The upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show will witness the debut of  Lamborghini’s new super car. However, the car maker has kept all the details under wraps. It’s likely that the the new model could be either the Sesto Elemento or the Aventador Roadster. If we believe the rumours that suggested that the Sesto Elemento is likely to be unveiled around October with production numbers limited to 10 or 20 units, we might be able to zero in on that model.


Lexus LFA vs Nissan GTR: Who’s The Fastest?

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Fancy what happens when you put the Lexus LFA and a Nissan GTR on a test track?  This is exactly what the guys at MotorTrend did. Pitting the Lexus LFA against almost compatriot Nissan GTR is sure to throw up interesting results. Amazing results ensue, indeed, we got to see.


Izaro GT-E First Details and Pictures Emerge; to Arrive as All-Electric or Hybrid Car

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What you see here are pictures of the Izaro GT-E, which is expected to roll out on to our streets either as an all-electric car or a hybrid. An absolute super car that is waiting to come, the Izaro GT-E  is tipped to come with capabilities that would let it race to 100 km/h in less than four seconds!


Lotus Evora S Caught on Spy Cams; Paris Motor Show to Have Evora S and Evora Auto Showcased

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Spy cams at Nurburgring seem to be never disappointed. A few pictures of the Lotus Evora S are now splashed across the web even as the car gets set for full load of testing before it formally launches on to one of those stands at the Paris Show on September 30 for a debut.