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Zoopedup GP breakfast run to Harties

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Yes you read it, GP is getting into gear and running to good old Hartebeesport dam on the 27th August.

We will be meeting at the Fourways Mac Donalds @ 8.30 am and will be rolling out at 9. Bring your friends and family for a relaxed run to the dam and to grab a bite to eat for lunch somewhere at the dam.

So to break it down for ya:

Date: 27th August 2006
Meeting @: Fourways Macdonalds (opp Fourways mall)
Time: 8.30, convoy rolls out at 9

More info about this event

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Zoopedup Fashion show Party – Z3k

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Homegrown Skills Hidden in the Sticks

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There is no doubt that South Africa has some fantastic manufacturing skills within it’s borders. Many may know that GM recently awarded a PE-based plant the right to move ahead with the production of certain HUMMERS and we’re all very proud that NOBLE’s are produced in the same area. As far as I know almost all BMW’s in Australia are made in South Africa and thats just the tip of the needle.

If one takes a look a little closer, perhaps in the sticks, you’ll find alot more cars being built in SA – most of which are shipped off before we get the chance to view them – like this awesome GT40…

This gorgeous piece of work is made right here in SA and was shipped off roughly three months ago to Germany where it raced on the N-Ring. Apparantly it, along with two others like it, did very very well.

So the question I pose is: Why are South Africans importing similar cars from abroad when the locally manufactured version are just as good if not better (thats why ze Germans are buying em from us!)? Online

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The Zoopedup car blog was launched one week ago and is now 100% complete. A handfull of Zoopedup car club members will blog around a variety of topics. Featuring automotive news, modified car talk, racing news, international events and cars, event coverage, team Zoopedup car club news, virtual ride posts, concept cars news and general car talk..

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Zoopedup Gp Skidpan Day, Wanna go wild on the track?

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Zoopedup GP car club – Zwartkops race track fun event which we are invited to attend on Saturday 15th July. Its a open day for you to get your car on the skinpan…

Zoopedup will be driving in convoy to the event!

Meeting place: 7:30AM for 8AM – LEAVING 8AM sharp!!! – Rock n Roll Mcdonalds Rivonia – cnr grayston dr and rivonia rd – For more info contact Jono – 072 606 2959 / Seagyn – 0761630518
More: link:

Zoopedup Cpt Next Breakfast/ Lunch Run 23 July

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Time again for our monthly HUGE Zoopedup car club breakfast run. We going to be meeting up at N1 City Mcdonalds and cruizing through to Hermanus. The last Hermanus run was a very successful run. We have booked at spur in Hermanus for +/- 70 people. Guys you are more than welcome to bring friends and family along. All the info here

Hello world!

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Welcome to, his blog features a group of motorsport ethusaists that blog around a wide selection of topics including F1, car modifying, auto news, virtual engineering etc

This blog is driven by the car club members for the members.