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Spare a thought for our paramedics

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Spare a thought for our paramedics

At approximately 3:07pm on Friday 01 February 2008, Netcare 911 responded to a report of a collision and shooting on the corners of Hawaii crescent and Antigua street in Cosmo City, Randburg.

Paramedics arrived to find that a construction truck had failed to stop at a stop street and subsequently collided with the passenger side of a family car. A mother and her two young children were injured in the collision. The woman’s husband is alleged to have produced a firearm and shot the driver of the truck in his left shoulder.

Netcare 911 paramedics attended to four patients at the scene, two adults and two children. Fortunately all the patients were in a stable condition and they were transported to the Baragwaneth hospital for further assessment and treatment. The husband was apprehended by the SAPS and removed from the scene for questioning.

This is an indication of the challenges that face paramedics everyday. Let us assist our paramedics and appreciate them!!

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The Risks of bad driving in times of load shedding…

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The Arrive Alive Website and Road Safety Blog have undertaken to provide information on Road Safety and Load Shedding…

Netcare 911 has also suggested the following:

• There is not much that the average person can do about heavy rain falls or power failures affecting traffic lights, however the correct driving attitude can go a long way in preventing collisions or reducing the severity thereof.
• Where possible, we suggest that drivers plan their routes and leave early to try avoid the heavy traffic periods- this may also reduce the urge to rush.
• Many people are impatient because they are late due to the above mentioned conditions and may take unnecessary risks, we advise motorists to be extra cautious at faulty traffic lights and treat these intersections as four way stops.
• Remember that many other motorists are also stuck/delayed and may be using there cell phones and possibly not concentrating fully on the road, make sure other vehicles are stationary before you pull away from the four way stop.
• Turn your vehicles head lights on to make yourself more visible to other road users

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Do not drive like an idiot during load shedding!

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Do not drive like an idiot during load shedding!

You can say much about the character of a person by observing the way that he drives…I did not pay much attention to this piece of advice until recently. Load shedding has however revealed the sad truth – we have many inconsiderate and selfish drivers on the road!

I am rather polite most of the time – and will refrain from referring to fellow road users as “idiots” – but perhaps politeness does not quite cut it….If you are one of these drivers – the following road safety suggestions are for you!

Road Safety during load shedding:

• If traffic lights are out of order / not working etc – the crossing becomes a stop street / [four way stop!]
• This means that you have to follow the Rules of the Road for a four way stop
• Even if there is no traffic from the other roads –You still need to stop!
• If the vehicle in front of you cross the intersection – you would have to allow the vehicles from the other stops to enter the crossing before you can make your move
• This might mean that you have to wait for 3 other vehicles from 3 different directions to pass
• Be polite and pass swiftly whilst still cautious of possible offenders
• Be alert to the sequence of vehicles from other directions approaching the intersection


No! There is no grey in a Zebra Crossing!

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No! There is no grey in a Zebra Crossing!

Do you respect other road users, and do you respect pedestrians? Early this morning I came across a blog from India aimed at “Making Indian Traffic Safer”. This Blog focused on the aspect of Zebra Crossings and revealed that many drivers in India fail to stop at Zebra crossings for pedestrians….

A little later I drove on the Free State University Campus and stopped at a pedestrian crossing to allow pedestrians to cross the road safely. As they entered the crossing from my left to my right an oncoming vehicle decided to speed past without any attempt at stopping.  (more…)

Social Media can and must be exploited to enhance road safety awareness!

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Social Media can and must be exploited to enhance road safety awareness!

The reach of social media in addressing threats to society should not be underestimated! It stretches much further than those having access to broadband, 3G and all the technological advances. It can stimulate much further discussion and create awareness of those aspects that threaten life and limb…

As a road safety fanatic I have been behind the development of the Arrive Alive Road Safety Website for 4 years and for the past year the Road Safety & Arrive Alive Blog. This contributed to making available content on different aspects impacting on road safety and perhaps the biggest contribution has been to provide clarity on aspects raised by the public via an “Ask the Experts” section on the Discussion Forum. I have been overjoyed to receive an invite from Charl Norman to share some of the road safety information on the blog at This will enable us to provide valuable information to a much wider audience and address a variety of concerns. (more…)

Test driving the new Subaru WRX Sti

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I’ve been fortunate enough to be invited by Subaru to test drive the new Subaru WRX STI tomorrow in Durban, KZN. Subaru motor group are flying me out from Cape Town to Durbs for the day. I will be joined by car journalists from other motor publications for the launch of the new car in South Africa. I should be back tomorrow evening (Wednesday) and will publish my review then! For now induldge in some of these photos of the scoobie at the Toyto auto show.



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Carblog visits Cape Town's exotic car dealerships

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Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

As many “petrolheads” would know, one of the most exciting realms of the motoring world is that of exotics. Thorough-bred sports cars are a good subject on which to spend a weekend afternoon – at least, for those amongst us devoted enough to the boundless thrills of touching, viewing and indeed, driving these beasts. With that in mind, our staffer, known to readers as SLD, spent last Saturday afternoon visiting Cape Town’s exotics dealerships.

The car shown above is the Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, and the picture was taken at Bloomsbury. (more…)

Lightweight Caparo-T1 dethrones Bugatti

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Caparo T1

The Bugatti Veyron’s reign as fastest accelerating supercar seems to have met its fate. The soon-to-be world’s fastest accelerating car has broken cover during the final stages of test and development. The Caparo T1 is a high performance two-seater sports car with highly resolved aerodynamics, which has been designed with the looks and performance of a Formula One race car. The T1’s 500 kg weight and 550 bhp give it a power-to-weight ratio of 1100 bhp/tonne – better than any current supersport motorcycle and approaching that of a genuine F1 car. (more…)