Friday, July 12, 2024

After a flood of emails and unapproved comments, I felt the need to give ya’ll the lowdown on whats going on with Vdub Magazine.

Yes it still is coming out, its all completed and by the time you read this the boys & girls at Speed & Sound Magazine would have finished their proof reads and final checks. All ready to print. Delays were bound to happen, being the first issue they want everything to be just right.

I’v been told that we shall receive our copies middle to end of next week or the following week and will have about 100 or 200 copies for sale. As in the past, we grab the freshest copies off the printing press and I’ll be sure to send out an exclusive mailer to announce this.

In the meantime, check out – designed and developed by Vito Fiorello, a die hard VW enthusiast. Many a late nite I have spent skype chatting about the technical bits of their website. In a nutshell you choose a Vw, and get an array of options to kit it out. Using authentic bits from Kamei, Oetinger, ATS, BBS and a whole lot more.

Above is a screenshot of my dream Mk1 Gti. Slammed to the ground with 15″ 8.5j BBS Alloys, Original Broad Front Spoiler, ultra scarce plastic wheel arches and original Gti Red grille trimmings.

Yes, I’m just as anxious to sink into this magazine as any other VW nutter in South Africa!

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