Sunday, May 19, 2024
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Fans of the iconic VW Golf range will have to wait with bated breaths, as the appearance of the the Golf VI is likely to be postponed. An interview with VW’s head of development Ulrich Hackenburg at the Shanghai Show established that VW’s best seller will not be replaced next spring as per original plans. Apparently, the current Golf V is still selling well and there isn’t sufficient reason to effect a hasty replacement.

However, new VW head Martin Winterkorn was not pleased with the Golf VI’s design and rescheduled the 2008 Geneva Show premiere of the car. He is said to have ordered a complete redesign. The latest addition to Golf’s long lineage seems due for launch sometime in the later months of 2008. According to Hackenburg, the new Golf will utilize an updated version of Audi’s current 160Hp 1.8 Litre Turbocharged FSI mill, most likely with a GT badge, as word suggests that VW plans halting the production of the 170Hp 1.4TSI motor due to reliability problems.The Golf VI GTI is likely to use an upgraded version of the current 2.0 TFSI motor. An SUV variant of the Golf is rumoured to be planned for introduction in the new lineup.

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